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Goodwill Employees

We're On A Mission

Our mission is to use employment as a way to make our community stronger. We provide opportunities for people to learn new skills so that they can feel empowered. Our work has resulted in many positive stories and we are proud to be a part of the community's growth and progress.

Creating Opportunities. Transforming Lives.

Goodwill Employee


Beverly wanted to create a better life for herself and her children after a lifetime of hardships. After connecting with Goodwill and earning her retail certification, she found the way to her dream job of working in the fashion industry, allowing her to support herself and her daughters.

Goodwill Employee


After aging out of the foster care system at 18 and spending 35 years living on Skid Row in Los Angeles, Bobby never imagined that one day he would be working for Goodwill. After a chance meeting with a Goodwill ambassador, Bobby received the tools and resources he needed, as well as someone who believed in him, to help him get his first job ever at 50 years old. Now Bobby serves as a Community Liaison in the same community he lived in for so long, giving others the same opportunity he had to create a better life.

Goodwill Employee


Thomas was determined to enhance the quality of his work, so he sought assistance from Goodwill of South Florida. With the guidance of an occupational counselor and job coaching techniques, Thomas achieved remarkable progress in meeting the requirements of his job. He now consistently meets his employer's goals. Thanks to Goodwill's support and Thomas' relentless commitment to overcoming obstacles, he is well on his way to "believing in himself and realizing his full potential." 

How Does It All Work?

Goodwill Employee

Your donations give goods a second life, keeping billions of pounds of waste out of landfills annually.

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Shopping with GoodwillFinds fuels our operations. The sale of thrifted goods provides funding for Goodwill career centers and social enterprise services.

Goodwill Employees

Goodwill career centers prepare job seekers in finding jobs in their industry or career of choice by teaching new skills, earning credentials, creating resumes and preparing for interviews.

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Our social enterprises hire people looking to build better lives. We provide earn-and-learn opportunities to build essential work skills and open doors for individuals, their families, and the communities around them.

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Kindness Can Transform

Shopping at GoodwillFinds promotes community development through employment, training, collaboration, and enjoyable learning.

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Donating Is Easy And Impactful

Simply dropping off your unneeded items at the closest Goodwill provides opportunities in your community! 

Did You Know?

The stuff that you've stored or forgotten under your bed has true potential! Your Goodwill donations help people grow their job skills and find new opportunities in your community.

Community Impact

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Over 47,000 formerly incarcerated people received support to reintegrate into society and conquer their individual challenges.

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Goodwill empowers over 157K people with disabilities through resources and community support to break barriers and promote accessibility.

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Goodwill helps people over 55 find jobs, achieve financial stability, and contribute to society. So far, they've assisted 149,060 individuals with these goals.

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Take a look at our newest discoveries and begin creating a positive impact now.


We promote and facilitate sustainable and creative reuse Our efforts have diverted over 3 billion pounds of goods from landfills annually


We do vital work in uplifting our communities and inspire others to get involved by providing opportunities to volunteer, donate.


Help us help. Your donations power our ability to provide jobs, training, and career building resources to thousands of community members