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Good Finds + Great Cause

We're on a mission to give members of our community a hand up and an opportunity by providing the jobs and skills needed to succeed. Plus, we give goods a second life and keep waste out of landfills. We're a win win.

Our Mission

Our Impact at a Glance

Goodwill® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization made up of a network of 155 local organizations throughout North America that sell donated goods to create job opportunities and training in local communities.  In the past year, Goodwill has...

Supported millions of people to take action toward securing work:

  • 1,984,044 individuals empowered themselves with Goodwill Services, including direct supports as well as training, education and job placement provided by local Goodwill organizations
  • 140,128 individuals who identify as having disabilities
  • 156,521 youth and younger individuals aged 16 to 24
  • 182,624 individuals 55 years and older
  • 46, 389 individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system

Worked toward a healthier planet and more sustainable future for shoppers:

  • 3.8 billion pounds of goods diverted from landfills
  • More than 15 million pounds of electronics were collected across more than 2,000 Goodwill locations and recycled in new computer parts through a closed loop recycling process
  • 2000+ e-recycling programs launched across the nation
  • Progressed in becoming fully LEED certified

The Transformative Power of GoodwillFinds

Shopping thrift at GoodwillFinds directly transforms local communities by:

- Providing jobs and skills training to those in need of opportunity.

- Diverting billions of pounds of goods from landfills globally.

Together, we do good things. Have fun finding.


It was only a few years ago that Faviola, a single mother with three kids, found herself unemployed and homeless. At rock bottom, Goodwill Southern California was there. Education services, transportation, and supportive services for her kids meant Faviola could study nursing. Now her family is thriving. “There are no words to describe what Goodwill SoCal has done for me.”


With the help of Chicago's Workforce Connection Center, a newly immigrated Fanta learned essential skills and practiced her English and Sign Language. Employers were immediately impressed with her strong work ethic. “I don’t know what I would do without Goodwill’s help.” 



With the help of the Goodwill Store and Donation Center in Northbrook, Illinois, a newly retired Jerry was able to connect with others and find meaningful work.  "Once you're here working, you learn a little bit more of the mission and the areas of Goodwill that I never realized existed...You feel like you're accomplishing something and helping people out.

Planet Friendly

Planet Friendly and Future Forward

Goodwill diverts more than 3 billion pounds of goods from landfills annually.

87 cents


The Most Impactful Place to Donate

Did you know that donating your living room furniture to Goodwill can divert up to 600 lbs of waste from landfills, provide 3 hours of job training services to someone in your local community, and potentially provide $200 in tax deductions for yourself?