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Krista Lavrusik outfit

Krista’s Summer
Looks for Less

From coastal-chic to instant-cool-factor outfits, explore
how you can create celebrity-inspired summer looks with
styling and thrifting tips from the legendary @kristalavrusik.

Western Meets Edgy Cool-Girl

Krista's Picks

Black Button Up Vest
Jean Shorts
Denim Shorts
Black Shoulder Bag
Black Bags
Black Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Boots

Summer Boho Flower Child

Krista's Picks

Tank Top
Tank Tops
Light Wash Baggy Jeans
Light Wash Baggy Jeans
White Handbag
Vintage Handbags
White Heels
Summer Shoes

Tips for Successful Thrifting

Woman Looking at Phone

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Not sure what to look for before heading out? Go to Pinterest and pin inspo outfits you’re loving this season. Then, make a list of items you need to make that outfit happen.

Woman Making List

Step 2: Have a Go-To List

If you have a few things you’re always looking for, search those first. For me, it’s denim, button-downs, quarter zips, crewneck sweatshirts, and jackets.

Woman in white tank top

Step 3: Start in the Men's Section

The men’s section is always smaller, less overwhelming, and gives you the perfect oversized fit. This is an awesome place to find button-downs sweatshirts, blazers, and baggy jeans.

Woman wearing sunglasses

Step 4: Thrift Trends

So you’ve spotted a new trend on social media. But you’re like, “can I really pull that look off?” If you want to try a new trend, thrift it! You can see if you like it, without spending a ton of money.

More Summer Looks

Mens Jeans
Men's Jeans
Womens Jeans
Women's Jeans
Blue Handbag
14 Million Tons

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